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2 Locations, 87 Participating ASNs, and ZERO Port Fees

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What is STLIX?

STLIX is a switching fabric located in America's Gateway to the West. A network may connect and peer putting themselves closer to content caching while also improving local network connectivity.

Bilateral peering

Establish direct peering with other STLIX members over the exchange at no charge.

Multilateral peering

Peer with our route server to exchange routes with many neighbor at once.

Private VLAN

Private VLANs are available for those requiring a private network with another STLIX member.

Remote peering

STLIX is directly connected to other IXPs. This enables us to offer remote peering services to them.

Why Peer on STLIX?

There are a number of ways a network can benefit from a local Internet exchange point. Your network could have lower latency, lower costs and increased capacity to the networks it needs.

Free Peering

We are proud to be of the few IXPs in the nation that offer no MRC port fees.

We're Growing

STLIX is continually adding new members. The value of the IX continues to grow as each new member joins.

Local Support

STLIX was started by local networks working to improve connectivity in the area. We have continued to grow thanks to our local supporters!

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STLIX supporters

Special thanks to our supporters who through their continued generosity have made STLIX possible.